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Why we do what we do

We admit… it puts a spring in our step to hear from customers who were delighted with the amount of money they were able to save on their insurance or grateful customers whose claims were dealt with efficiently and compassionately. 

Here are a few examples…

"My customers were super impressed"

My customers were super impressed with the $2,400/year your team saved them on combined home and auto. Thank you for your help!

Mortgage Broker

“…very knowledgeable and patient”

I want to share my experience with Abu from Simplinsur Home & Auto Insurance. He was great to deal with – very knowledgeable and patient. And, I was able to save over $1,000 combining our vehicles as well as home/rental insurance.

Mortgage Broker & Customer

“we saved a whopping $1,100/yr!”

Thank you for connecting us with Simplinsur – Our rep, Carla, has been patient and extremely helpful. I highly recommend her. She has great experience and really takes the time to find the best coverage and knows the quirks in the system.


“supreme customer service”

I cannot say thank you enough for your most compassionate, kind and gentle demeanor regarding my daughter’s accident situation. I only had to make one phone call to you and you took charge so that I could focus all my attention on my daughter. That truly is supreme customer service…


Two “extremely happy” customers

I recently referred two of my customers to Simplinsur Home & Auto. The first because her insurance rates increased for no apparent reason. Simplinsur saved her $1,000 a year. The second had a rural home with a wood stove and he was quoted 5-6K per year. Simplinsur got him a policy at $1,900 per year. Both customers were extremely happy.

Mortgage Broker

“They took the time to fully understand the situation.”

I had a customer who was in a tricky situation with her property insurance and was facing some time pressure. Her current insurer couldn’t help her so I called Simplinsur. They took the time to fully understand the situation and placed my customer with a well-known insurer who was able to meet my customer’s needs.

Mortgage Broker

"Simple process. Great value."

My auto insurance was up for renewal and this was the perfect time to give Simplinsur a try. The process was straightforward. I would have no problem recommending this to all my clients. I can’t see anyone saying “no thanks” to getting a quote that may save them money. As for my personal coverage, the cost did come in lower than my present insurance provider.

Mortgage Broker & Customer

“An important part of any financial plan”

I am firm believer in life insurance and feel it's an important part of any financial plan. I offer Simplinsur to my clients to make sure they are protected should something happen. It's great to be able to offer life, disability and critical illness with a well-known national brand.

Mortgage Broker

“My clients feel confident when accepting Simplinsur”

The Simplinsur product offering is a great improvement from MPP and is worthy of offering to my clients. My clients feel confident when accepting Simplinsur Mortgage Protection Insurance that their largest investment is protected, and I feel confident when offering it that should a claim be made, it will be paid out.

Mortgage Broker

"Streamlined and efficient."

Recently, 2 of my clients elected to take mortgage protection coverage with Simplinsur. As the name promises, the process is rather simple to use. I like the auto generation of the insurance link once the deals are submitted and requesting the insurance forms is fast and efficient.

Mortgage Broker

"Lower rates. Less restriction."

Because of what I needed my insurance broker told me it would be expensive. TD gave me a price of just under $1,300 but with restrictions. I spoke to Gabriel from Simplinsur and not only was he was able to beat the price, there were no restrictions on use.

Mortgage Broker & Customer

"The customer service we received when getting the quote was amazing!"

I purchased car insurance through Simplinsur for my 17 year old daughter as the cost was the least expensive of all of the quotes we obtained. Yesterday I found myself in the position of having to call in to make a claim. Someone answered on the second ring. It took 5 minutes to process the claim and explain what happened. The insurance rep sent someone to pick up her car, arranged for a rental, and contacted the local police station for their report. They have also provided two updates this morning before 9.30am and they also waived Emma's deductible!

Mortgage Broker & Customer

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